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Working with Accounts
1. Which of my accounts can be accessed through IB?
All your active accounts can be seen online. However, should you want to select certain accounts from the list of accounts you wish to display and keep the others inaccessible through IB, you are free to do so, by mentioning it in your IB application form filled at your local branch.

We have grouped your accounts by group of products:
  • Your Sight Accounts Group that includes current accounts overdraft/advances, checking accounts, Easysave accounts, Dynamic accounts and Third party invoicing accounts.
  • Your Term Deposits Accounts Group that contains time saving accounts and term contracts.
  • Your Cash Margin Group that contains your cash margin account opened against any facility.
  • Your Loans Group where you can check all your retail loans accounts (personal / car / housing loan).
  • Your Debit Cards Group where you can check your Visa Debit cards information and transactions, view the balances of their attached accounts, as well as accumulated loyalty points.
  • Your Credit Cards Group where you can check all your charge and revolving cards history with their remaining limits and accumulated loyalty points
2. What kind of details can I see on my accounts?
In addition to your online accounts balances, you will be able to get information regarding the interest rates, the capitalization dates, the Standing Orders linked to your accounts and the settlement details for your Term Deposit Accounts.
3. Can I generate my statement of account on my screen? Will I be charged for that service?
You may generate, free of charge, your statement of account by selecting one or 2 of the options below:
  • Select a period of time (from/to date)
  • Select a range of amount (from/to)
You may also decide to download to excel, save or print that statement of account.
4. Are my accounts balances updated online?
Yes, IB will provide you with an online real time update of your balances and positions.
5. What kind of information can I see on my checks?
You may view all your paid checks along with clearance checks inside or outside Lebanon for a period defaulted to 3 months back. You may search for a specific check by either inputting the check number or the check amount. You may also order a checkbook.
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