Frequently Asked Questions – Troubleshooting
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1. What to do if I forget my password?
If you are accessing Byblos Bank Internet Banking for the first time, we recommend you change your password for security reasons. In case you lose or forget your password, please report it to Byblos Bank Customer Service on +961.1.205050, or to CustomerService<at>, to provide you with a new one.

Please note that 3 wrong consecutive login attempts will block your account, till you contact your branch and request a reactivation.
2. Why will my transfer be rejected?
Your fund transfer may be rejected for several reasons:
  • Not enough fund available.
  • Bank limit is exceeded.
  • Your defined limits are exceeded.
  • You are not allowed to perform either a debit transaction or a credit transaction on the account (i.e. you have a specific restriction on the account).
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