Carry out all your daily banking transactions in the most convenient way by accessing our secure 24/7 Online Banking service from any PC or mobile device
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1. Enrolling in Internet Banking
It is easy to become a Byblos Bank IB customer. All you need to do is to visit your branch and sign the Internet Banking Services, Terms and Conditions and the Application Form.

Once these documents are filled and signed, you will automatically be granted an access to your requested services and you will be assigned a user ID number and a password that will allow you to start using Byblos Bank Internet Banking. For your own security you will be asked to change this password at the first login.
2. When and where can I access the Internet Banking?
The IB program is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
You can access your IB from anywhere in the world provided you have internet access.
3. What are the minimum requirements needed for my computer?
You can use Byblos Bank IB on any computer as long as you are running Internet Explorer 6.0 and above and you are using a browser that supports a 128 bit encryption.

Byblos Bank IB can also be accessible through Mobile phones and Macs using compatible Opera browsers.
4. How frequently is my Bank account information updated?
Your account balances and transactions are real time based. They are immediately updated after the transaction is performed.
5. How much does Internet Banking cost?
Byblos Bank is currently offering the IB service at no charge. You will be notified if this changes in the future.

Please take note that the charges applied via internet banking for any transfer are the same as the ones applied when you are transacting over the counter.
6. What are the services offered through IB
  • Checking your different accounts balances.
  • Checking your interest conditions.
  • Viewing the different statements according to your own specifications, either the date or the amount range or both.
  • Monitoring your paid checks sent to clearing inside or outside Lebanon.
  • Performing transfers of funds between your own current accounts or to other Byblos Bank Customers and/or doing FX transactions.
  • Viewing features of all products and services.
  • Viewing the Standing Order details on your accounts.
  • Viewing information on cards limits, purchases and withdrawals.
  • Viewing your retail loans history and outstanding balances.
  • Inquiring on your Bancassurance policies.
  • Performing service requests such as requesting a checkbook, reporting a passbook loss, requesting a statement of account, requesting a card termination/re issuance or reporting a problem.
  • Getting notifications and reminders about your accounts, your loans, your cards and your Bancassurance products.
7. Can I have the same password for Internet Banking and Phone Banking?
Yes, for your easy use, you may set the IB password same as the Phone Banking password. For your first access to IB, the system will grant you a randomly picked password, you may change it at your 1st login and use the same as the phone banking password.
8. Will the bank send me e-mails for personal data exchange?
No, the bank will not send you e-mails requesting personal data for confidentiality and security reasons. You will never be asked to reply to such an e-mail.
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