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Corporate Governance
Byblos Bank has been built around transparent business practices, responsible lending policies and careful investment strategies, all of which have allowed the erection of a clear and effective risk governance structure at board and management levels. Moreover, the Byblos Bank Group conducts regular reviews to ensure that its governance model remains appropriate to both regulatory requirements and market developments – and that all relevant controls are being adhered to. Our systems, codes of conduct and internal controls are designed to meet the requirements of Basel II and other international standards.

The Board of Directors of Byblos Bank S.A.L. consists of 12 members serving a term of three years, the majority of whom are independent and non-executive, and come from different financial, economic and/or business backgrounds. The Board is the decision-making body of Byblos Bank S.A.L. with respect to the implementation of the resolutions of the General Assembly and the carrying out of all ordinary activities of the Group which are not daily in character. The Board’s primary role is to establish the Group’s strategic direction and to approve the nature and levels of risk that the Group is willing to take.
The Board reviews strategic options, agrees on strategy and monitors its implementation. It also is responsible for the integrity of the Group’s financial reporting, for ensuring that appropriate risk policies are implemented, and for ensuring that the Group is in compliance with all applicable laws.

Board Membership

The General Assembly of the Bank’s shareholders held on 15 May 2015 elected a new Board of Directors to succeed the one whose term of office had expired.

The new Board of Directors was elected unanimously for a period of three years that will end at the meeting of the Annual Ordinary General Assembly to approve the financial statements for the year ending 31 December 2017.

Board Committees

The Board has established three committees to assist in carrying out its responsibilities:
a. Risk, Compliance, Anti-Money-Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism: provides oversight of senior management’s activities in managing capital adequacy (including Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process, or ICAAP) and anti-money laundering efforts, as well as credit, market, liquidity, operational, compliance, reputational and other risks of the Group.

  • Mr. Des S. O'Shea, Chairman
  • Mr. Ahmad T. Tabbara, Member 

b. Audit Committee: monitors the Group’s accounting practices and external reporting, and reviews the audit reports covering the Group’s operations and takes appropriate actions/decisions.

  • Mr. Alain C. Tohmé, Chairman
  • Mr. Bassam A. Nassar, Member  
  • Mr. Yves R. Jacquot, Member 

The above Board committees are composed of mostly independent/non-executive Directors, satisfying the applicable best-practice requirements. The Board delegates its authority for day-to-day activities to Senior Management through the various established committees.

c. Human Resources, Compensation, Remuneration, Nomination and Corporate Governance Committee

  • Mr. Alain C. Tohmé, Chairman
  • Mr. Bassam A. Nassar, Member

Corporate Governance

Click to download the Corporate Governance Board Charter

Board of Diectors Profiles

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